The Observatory Foundation

The Observatory Foundation was set up in 2009 as the initiative of people active in the sector of a cultural research and an animation. The founders of the Foundation are involved in the work of the major NGOs and the cultural institutions, they have many years of experience in a cultural research both in Poland and abroad. The Observatory Foundation was established to promote the research on culture based on factors such as cooperation and agreement of diverse environments and the experts. Our aim is to conduct various interdisciplinary projects by using broad perspectives.

We are constantly building a platform based on the cooperation between a different environments of: sociologists, anthropologists, economists, artists, lawyers, representatives of national and ethnic minorities, representatives of business, public administration NGOs and an international cultural networks. We have also established a solid cooperation with a research centers operating at the major Polish universities and the other entities active in the field of a cultural research.

Our main aim is to conduct a social and cultural research at a regional, national and an international level. Our range of interests is very wide and we treat a culture as a whole, we take under the consideration direct factors which influence the culture, such as new technologies or a cultural and creative industries. We animate actions for culture and civil society development. We promote culture, artists and a bottom-up artistic events through exhibitions, workshops, conferences etc.

Recently we have run the two important projects:

  • The Personalized Training Programme for members of a cultural sector in Warsaw – co-financed by the city of Warsaw.
  • The Multiple Evaluation of the Polish Film Festivals – co-financed by the Polish Film Institute.

We are open to take part in the partnership projects. If you would like to work with our team – please write to us!

The Observatory Foundation is a member of MAZOWIA Federation – a network of non-governmental organizations operating in central part of Poland – in Mazowsze Province.

The Observatory Foundation is a member of the regional network Forum Kultury Mazowsze.